20-20 Mind Sight:
Refocus, Reignite & Reinvent Your Life From the Inside Out

I was fortunate to team up with established author, Phil Fragasso on this book project.

Published by Contigo Press, the book grew out of our experiences as corporate executives, consultants, life and leadership coaches, and educators.

The why is simple. Far too much time and energy are focused on job titles, career ladders, and the holy grail of capitalism: a big paycheck that’s the envy of family, friends, and foes.

Conversely, far too little time is spent thinking about what’s truly important to the individual. More specifically and more importantly, almost no time is spent considering what is of critical importance to the innermost character and passion of the individual.

20/20 Mind Sight combines real-life examples (both contemporary and historical), anecdotes, worksheets, questionnaires, tools, and a fluid commentary designed to help identify and create a distinctive mindset that can lead to new levels of personal satisfaction and success.

That mindset has been bowdlerized and watered down in literally hundreds of books promoting quick-fix paths to leadership, wealth, power, love, influence, career success, and powerful personal brands.

The problem is that most of the “tips” are focused on doing rather than thinking. Indeed, in many cases, what’s delivered is a crass and manipulative message that fails to inspire breakthrough insights or affect the reader’s life in any meaningful way.