Career Pivot

You’ve been successful. Now, it’s time for a change – your professional appetite and interests have evolved. What’s possible? Where to start? As an experienced business strategist, I can help you think creatively and critically about your career trajectory.

A Fix with Jillian

You’re juggling priorities. Under constant pressure. You need someone to hold you accountable, keep you on track, challenge you, and identify your blind spots. You want someone you can trust, who has your back. Someone who will provide support & encouragement but also a kick in the ass when you REALLY need it.

Whiteboard Strategy Session

This is a dedicated 90-minute session to focus on YOU. We can talk through your new business ideas or career opportunities. With an objective perspective, I’ll help you identify additional revenue opportunities or potential stumbling blocks.

The Networking Lab

You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and embrace relationship-building as a primary source of growth and opportunity. The Networking Lab is an exclusive coaching program specifically for those who strive to increase their level of influence and impact.

9 Steps to Grow Your Professional Network

This free ebook is accompanied by a free course. A professional network of authentic, productive, and reciprocal relationships is perhaps our greatest asset. Most of us are accustomed to operating from a place of wanting, instead, I will show you a far more productive, sustainable, and human way to build and cultivate actual relationships.

Meet with Jillian

Review the various options and schedule a meeting type and duration that best suits your needs. From free chats to longer customized and structured sessions, I aim to be a resource for you.

Do you have something else in mind? A project you’d like to collaborate on? Let’s jump on a call to discuss. 

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