Workshop: Applied Networking for Professionals

Relationships are the centerpiece of everything. Now is the time to actively and intentionally build your personal brand and expand your network.

This high-energy, practical, interactive workshop gives attendees a practical step-by-step guide to creating a robust professional network.

This Workshop Might Be for You If:

  • Just changed careers and need to create social & and professional relevance?
  • Finally ready to break through and increase your career success?
  • Want to feel more connected to the work you do?
  • Trying to expand your (personal or) professional network?
  • Want to re-enter the job market?
  • Been struggling to find a job?
  • Graduated and now looking to start your career?

Sample of What is Covered in This Workshop:

  1. Pre-requisites to networking success
  2. Tips on building new relationships
  3. The Digital Handshake: blending online & and offline to create and deepen relationships
  4. How to effectively nurture new relationships as well as your overall growing network
  5. Putting it all together in a systematic and manageable way

Workshop Options

This workshop can be delivered as a 1/2 day or 90-minute workshop. Occasionally, it is also offered to the public.