The Networking Lab:
Modules Overview

Module 1: Inventory

We will take an inventory of your current starting point. This will include things like: How do you think and feel about networking? Where, how, and how often do you network? And most importantly, why do you want to develop or strengthen this skill?

Module 2: Plan

We will begin with your goal and then explore and identify opportunities that could help move you closer. This can include specific events, daily practices, and new approaches.

Module 3: Tech

In this module, we will dig into your current tools and systems (or lack thereof) and identify additional or replacement tools that could help you streamline your relationship-building activities to make it all feel more manageable.

Module 4: Schedule

We will work together to put the pieces together. Your schedule will be set 12 months out, so you can focus your energy on building relationships instead of all the stuff that can get in the way – that we have already addressed!

Module 5: Review Professional Roadmap

Finally, we will review the progress that has been made and then discuss your Professional Relationships Roadmap.

Fee Schedule

The price for The Networking Lab is €3,000

  1. €1,000 when you book session #1: Inventory
  2. €1,000 when you book session #3: Tech + Tools
  3. €1,000 when you book session #5: Roadmap
Ready to get rolling? Let’s start with a conversation to get to know each other.

This will be a laid-back call to get to know each other. In order for you to get the most out of The Networking Lab, we must both feel the “click”.  During this call, you can ask any questions about the program or my experiences.