Schedule a Meeting with Jillian

This page was created in an attempt to better serve people. Previously, when a meeting/session was requested, I would do my best to guess what type of meeting someone would like to have, and oftentimes I miscalculated.

Now, you can review the various options below and schedule a meeting type and duration that best suits your needs. That being said, if you have any suggestions or do not see an option that works for you, please let me know.

Do you have a quick question or two? This option is ideal if you are clear about a specific “ask.”

This is an hour dedicated to you. It’s ideal for a brainstorming or networking session to help your business or career. Some people have also used this time to talk through some personal challenges. However I can be of service to you, I am happy to be.

The fee for this is $149

This is a dedicated 90-minute session focused solely on YOU.

  • We can talk through your new business ideas or career opportunities.
  • With an objective perspective, I’ll help you identify additional revenue opportunities or potential stumbling blocks.
  • Do you have the proper tools, mindset, and network to achieve your goals?
  • Identify specific actions you can take today to move the needle in the direction of progress.
  • Sometimes we all need someone to truly listen to us. We will put our heads together and help you gain clarity, perspective, and a path forward.
  • Finally, some of us need to feel challenged or get an infusion of inspiration to get us going.

The fee for this €495 | Want to read more about it first?