The Jillian Group is a woman-led, female-founded firm providing strategic sustainability and advisory services. We help small & medium-sized enterprises embrace sustainability as a strategy to achieve equitable growth.


Jillian Vorce
CEO, The Jillian Group

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Jillian Vorce is a dynamic speaker and B-Corp consultant with a heart for embracing sustainability as a strategy and an aptitude for helping professionals connect with new, creative ways to engage their stakeholders. She leverages her deep knowledge of networking and relationship development to open doors, create strategic opportunities, and help professionals attain their business goals. For over two decades, her trustworthiness and highly positive energy have inspired senior-level executives and business owners around the globe.

Through her business consulting agency, The Jillian Group, Jillian and her team collaborate with forward-thinking, progressive, innovative leaders and companies to elevate the efficiency and impact of their businesses. They’re passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses challenge the status quo.

Jillian is the co-author of 20/20 Mind Sight: Refocus, Reignite & Reinvent Your Life From the Inside Out. Her work includes her TEDx Talk, “The Lens of Connectivity,” and the podcast she co-hosts, Creative Collaboration: Conversations with Veronica and Jillian.

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But More Importantly, What About You?

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[pivot_text icon=””]Do any of these describe you? If so, you’re in good company. The clients we work with come from an array of industries but yet they all have those things in common. They’re successful companies who have a track record and want to remain relevant and profitable in 2023 and beyond.

It begins with a conversation. Tell us about your business. What is your vision? What happens if you do nothing? How will we measure success?[/pivot_text]

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