It’s Time for a Change. 

  • You’ve been successful. What you have accomplished so far has helped you to live a happy, comfortable life. But now, you aspire for more.

  • Your family needs have changed.

  • Your professional appetite and interests have evolved.

  • You’re hungry for the next step, but not necessarily in a linear progression.

  • It’s time to grow, expand, and explore opportunities to deploy your skillset and experience in a new way, in a new industry, with new objectives and criteria.

Typically, this is for executives who are midway through their careers. There is still fuel in the tank, but you’re looking to broaden your scope.

You want to do work that “matters” and further develop and utilize your professional skillset in a way that yields suitable compensation alongside impact on the greater good. 

Jillian can be a compass for you, to help you navigate professional change

Does This Sound Like You?

Solution: Career Pivot

Work with Jillian

What You Get

  • An experienced business strategist to help you think creatively and critically about your career trajectory.
  • Someone who can listen and reflect back at you some of what you might be overlooking, undervaluing, or flat out missing (aka “blind spots.”)
  • Accountability for taking actions that will contribute to your career objective.
  • A trusted confidant who will tell you like it is, be direct, challenge you – and also have your back.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking coupled with proactive support. This can include access to my network, networking strategies, and other related resources.
  • A regularly scheduled burst of positive energy to help reignite your motivation and propel you to take bold steps forward.

How it Works

  • First, schedule a time for us to chat. For our sessions to be valuable, we both need to feel that “click.”
  • From there, we’ll decide if it makes sense to work together. If we aren’t in alignment, I will do my best to point you in a beneficial direction.
  • If we work together, together we’ll decide the duration. Typically, 3 sessions or 3 months.

Guess What

I’ve been there. I have navigated a significant career change as a result of becoming a mother, moving to a new continent, and deliberately rebuilding my business to better align with my personal values.

My path has not been easy. but it has been fulfilling. And, it is still evolving! That is the scary but invigorating part – we don’t have all the answers or know exactly how or where things will lead. This is why it’s critical to make sure that we are proactive about setting our intentions and becoming clear about the things we want and don’t want.

Finally, I have discovered that my outlook on many things has changed since I last noticed. The way I measure success, my tolerance for bullshit, and my discerning filter for the types of people and projects I work with have all been upgraded.