Office Hours with Jillian

As an entrepreneur for 25 years and a mom – I am focused on creating the maximum impact and productivity with the time and resources I have. I am highly motivated and love to help create opportunities for others and to strategize about how to grow businesses – responsibly.

Join my monthly office hours where we’ll chat about:

This is for nice people only! 

The purpose is to create an inclusive and supportive (and fun!) space for us to share and learn together.

If you’re seeking practical insights, actionable tips, and the opportunity to share and learn from others – we’d love to have you.


Ground Rules 

  • We show up curious, open-minded, and respectful of others.
  • We are all looking to learn by sharing and listening.
  • Collaborations or business engagements may emerge, but it is not the primary focus.
  • If anyone misuses the space or becomes offensive, they’ll be removed from the current session and a follow-up conversation will be requested. Sometimes people are offensive and don’t realize it, but we want to be sure we’re proactively fostering a nurturing and safe environment.

13 December 2023 @4pm CET

10 January 2024 @ 4pm CET

21 Feb 2023 @4pm CET

13 Mar 2023 @4pm CET